DELFINA OLIVER, jazz vocalist

Delfina Oliver is one of the most renown singers in the busy and creative jazz scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina, acknowledged by local critics for the quality of her voice and for imprinting a contemporary jazz sound to classic and modern standards.

She has edited two cds “MIRADA” (Point of View) and “CAMINO” (Road), and is about to record her third this year. Delfina has earned a place of her own in the local jazz scene of Buenos Aires, gaining the respect and appreciation of the audience, the musical community and critics. She was invited to  join the Jury of Honor of the “Clarín Espectáculo Awards” since 2007, and the Jury of the “Premios Gardel a la Música” since 2010 in the “jazz” category - the two most important awards of the music industry in Argentina - distinctions awarded to the most prominent artists of the genre at a national level. In 2011 she was distinguished by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires City “for her creative and valuable trajectory” giving her a diploma at a ceremony held at the Teatro San Martin, the landmark theatre of contemporary arts in Argentina.

She launched her international career performing with great success at the celebrated “New York Bar” jazz bar in Tokyo, made famous by the film “Lost in Translation”, between April and July 2012, cycle she repeated this year at the “Maduro Lounge” jazz bar for four months from April to August.

On her return from Tokyo she will sing at Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival on Saturday 11/23 outdoors at the Parque Centenario Auditorium, at San Isidro Jazz Festival on Saturday 10/19 outdoors at the local race track, and at “Jazzología” Cycle at the San Martín Theatre for Contemprary Arts, in three joint presentations together with Artistry Big Band, formed by 18 outstanding local jazz musicians. In November she will travel to the Salta City Jazz Festival to teach a workshop for jazz vocalists, and give a concert on the 9th at the Alejandro I Hotel Auditorium joined by local musicians, in a fusion of jazz and folklore.

Known for taking artistic risks by experimenting with different sounds and instrumental formations in a constant search for an original and unique sound, imprinting a contemporary sound to the classical material of the genre, always accompanied by the most prominent local contemporary jazz musicians, she has played regularly with: Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Oscar Giunta, Pipi Piazzolla, Enrique Norris, Mariano Otero, Diego Schissi, Rodrigo Domínguez, Francisco Lo Vuolo, Hernán Jacinto, Mariano Loiácono, Miguel Tarzia, Ramiro Flores, Gustavo Musso, Juan Canosa, Jerónimo Carmona, Eloy Michelini, Carto Brandán, Mariano Sívori, Cirilo Fernández, Patricio Carpossi, Pepi Taveira, Juan Pablo Arredondo, Alan Zimerman, among others.

Her debut cd “Mirada” brought Delfina to the attention of the Buenos Aires jazz scene in 2005 as one of the most interesting singers of her generation. This cd earned her outstanding press reviews: “Jazz Vocalist of the year (2005)” by La Nación newspaper (31/12/05), which opened the doors of every major jazz club in Buenos Aires, and from there to the most important jazz festivals in the country in the following years. “She is the new voice of new Argentine jazz” (Sandra de La Fuente, Clarín newspaper 25/09/05), “with one of the best vocal jazz cds on the scene under her arm (Mirada 2005), she is one of the best local voices and the most accepted one by the jazz avant garde.” (César Pradines, La Nación newspaper 15/10/07), “she captivates not only for her scenic gifts, but due to the evident personal quest of her verisons. Oliver has become one of the best options for vocal jazz in this city” (Alejandra Herren, La Nación Sunday Magazine 09/08/09). La Nación and Clarín newspapers are the two most prestigious and widely read papers throughout Argentina.

She released her second cd “CAMINO” in September 2010, also produced independently and edited under her new record label “Delphin Records”, obtaining excellent reviews in the media and being distinguished as “Best Jazz Album” and “Best Jazz Singer”(2010) by La Nación newspaper.  “In a crossover of sophisticated pop and classic jazz, another young, beautiful and talented singer, Delfina Oliver, presents her second album: Camino”. ROLLING STONE ARGENTINA, Humphrey Inzillo, 6/8/2010. "As the years go by "Camino" will appear as a milestone in the life of Delfina Oliver"... "It is also an exquisite work, in which the voice of Delfina is yet another instrument in this band of notable musicians she assembled for the occasion". NEWSWEEK ARGENTINA, Cristian Savio, 9/10/2010.  "Camino represents the consolidation of one of the best local singers (...)" "From the artistic point of view she took risks and gave birth to one of the most recommended albums of the year." LA NACIÓN, Ricardo Carpena, 9/5/2010.  "Oliver is fearless, she surprises us and foreshadows the magnificent register the cd will take". VEINTITRÉS MAGAZINE, Nicolas Russo, 26/8/2010.  "The exquisite Delfina Oliver sings charmingly,effortlessly letting the notes flow of a repertoire of well chosen to show off her seductive vocal timbre. Everything looks good on her.” NEWS OF CUTLTURE AND ENTERTAINMENT, Martin Wullich, 18/09/2010. "Delfina Oliver delivers her latest work which is the result of lots of strife, dreaming and hard work. The presentation of Oliver’s album was a treat.” “accompanied by some of the best artists in the local jazz scene, Delfina Oliver’s “Camino” (Road) is the result of a work well done and is an incentive for artists who are trying to move ahead and are willing to take a chance.” THE BUENOS AIRES HERALD, Angeles Mase, 16/09/2010.  "Delfina Oliver is one of those singers who becomes known by word of mouth. Her exquisite voice and bold spirit are a very harmonious combination as are her versions of songs by Billie Holliday or Joni Mitchell. This record she did independently is worth listening to." SOPHIA MAGAZINE, October issue 2010.  "The record is a reflection of a jazz singer who takes risks and achieves very good results. A work of excellent manufacture and luxurious group". LA NACIÓN NEWSPAPER, “Jazz Planet” Section, César Pradines 11/09/2010.  "One of the most exquisite singers of Argentine jazz, Delfina Oliver, presents “Camino”, her second solo album, with her warm and sensual voice." DEBATE MAGAZINE, “Cultural Recommendations” 21/7/2010.




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